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They share a love of education and they met through that shared love. Both Chris and Alyssa moved to Hampton Roads for teaching jobs and it just so happened that they both accepted jobs at the same school. Their mutual love of teaching blossomed into love for each other. Now they are at different schools but they both are still passionate about teaching. And now they are engaged to be married! I can’t wait to share this Downtown Norfolk Engagement!

Over the years, Hampton Roads has become their home.  They chose one of the major cities in Hampton Roads, Norfolk, to celebrate their engagement and next year they will celebrate their wedding. It happened to be Harbor Fest weekend in Norfolk, so we decided to met at the Pagoda in Downtown Norfolk for the peaceful greenery and beautiful sun light.  We walked around the Pagoda and even ventured over to the Historic Freemason District of Norfolk. The Historic Freemason District has beautiful brick walls and was a perfect second location for their engagement session.

And it is obvious that they love each other! Their faces just light up when they are together! And years ago  I actually predicted that these two were going to be married. We actually met Alyssa and Chris at a wedding. Alyssa was a bridesmaid of one of our #dgbrides, Ashley Gurney. And I actually remember taking pictures of Alyssa and Chris dancing at Ashley and Phil’s wedding. I remembered them because I thought they were just so full of  joy!I could just tell that even though the dance floor was full, and the music was playing that there was no other place that they wanted to be but in each other’s arms. We are so excited that we will be a part of their wedding, also!


They are just so cute together!This ring is just gorgeous!! And it so happens that it is also a family heirloom. The ring was her great-grandmother’s and has been passed on through the family.  I just loved this Downtown Norfolk Engagement session!

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