Hampton Roads, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Diana Gordon Photography is a preimer wedding and portrait husband and wife photography team located in Newport News, VA. We provide our clients with romantic, timeless images and an unforgettable experience. Our bright and elegant style will showcase your wedding in a very authentic way. We believe in love stories, and we can’t wait to capture yours!

For the Groom who believes...

He believes in family. He knows and understands where he comes from and celebrates this.

He believes that his marriage and the way he loves and provides for his wife will be a part of his legacy.

For the bride who believes...

She believes in family herliooms; that the petite pearl earrings she chose will one day be passed down to her granddaughter for her to wear on her wedding day.

She believes in remembering those who are no longer with us but also thinks about the future and the legacy of love that she will leave.

She believes in the details of life -the way he looks at her and she knows she is the only one for him, the surprise handwritten love notes left on the kitchen counter, and the way he knows how to make her coffee perfectly.