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Hi there! We are Diana and Daniel Gordon! We are premier family portrait photographers based out of Newport News, Virginia. We have been photographing families all over Virginia for more than 8 years and we delight in capturing raw beautiful family moments with our elegant style. We have a true passion for serving our clients and want to help them leave a legacy for generations to come!

A legacy of a family

We believe in photography that captures moments in time that turn into lifetime memories.


We also believe in cherishing and preserving memories for generations to come. We have two young children and they love looking at pictures from the past. We want them to see the love of our family, the love that has been passed down from the generations before us.

Meet our kids


We are a family and together we strive to give our clients the premier experience and timeless images you will cherish for the rest of your lives! Your family session will be filled with joyful moments you want to remember for the rest of your life, and we can’t wait to help you preserve them and the legacy of your family.


She helps with...


Kylie loves to help with everything. She helps with charging camera and flash batteries. And Kylie loves to leave me pieces of artwork and notes on my desk. And she has to know who mommy photographed and see their pictures.


He helps with...


Leland helps with charging camera batteries. And he loves to leave trucks and LEGOS on my desk. Leland is more interested in spinning around in my office chair then viewing pictures.

Meet our kittens

Sam and Rosie!

Sam is a male, orange tabby cat and Rosie is a girl tortoise cat.

They are brother and sister, very fitting for our family!

Sam and Rosie are named after Samwise Gamgee and his wife Rosie from Lord of the Rings (Daniel is a huge fan!).


How we got our start


This photo is one of our favorites from our wedding day.

This tender moment happened just before our first look, and when we got our photos from our photographer, we just loved all of them, but this one stood for.


This hand (my best friend's hand) I literally get to have and hold, this hand I get to love, this hand is there to love me and support, this hand will pull me up when I am down, this hand will high five me when life is great, this hand will wipe my tears, this hand has held our children.


This hand belongs to my one and only. We want our clients to look at just one of the pictures and to remember the love that started their family and the love that will continue through the generations to come.



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Diana Gordon Photography is a premier family photographer serving Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond with their bright and elegant style.

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