Behind the Scenes : From Beginning to End

As a wedding photographer team, we are with our #dgcouple from beginning to end on their wedding day. Daniel and I always start a wedding day by greeting our couple and their wedding bridal party. We are SO excited for our couples and their marriage. After we have introduced ourselves and have received our hugs from everyone we gather up all the bridal details and start shooting.

I love shooting bridal details!  This part of the day gets my creative mind going and I know that the bride spent extra time choosing the perfect bridal details for not only her look but also her wedding day. Depending on the timeline, Daniel might be with me for the bridal details or he might be with the groom. If Daniel is with me, he helps me hang the dress, move furniture around for the best light and helps me get the best shots possible.

Here is a behind the scene picture from Daniel helping me hang a wedding gown. (I appreciate that I have a tall husband!)Right before the ceremony, we make sure to capture all the details of the ceremony location. We also make sure everyone is calm and ready to go for the Big Moment. Yay! After our couple is officially married we move into family and bridal portraits. We love spending time with our couples and their families. And well bridal parties, well we just love them! All the bridal parties we have worked with have been fabulous and a lot of fun.

And we don’t just take pictures, we serve you. Sometimes that means carrying a veil and a bouquet. After the bridal party pictures, the bride and groom get portraits. (yay!) This is one of my favorite parts of the day!  During this part of the day, I am the primary shooter. Daniel helps take pictures of the details and carry all the bags.

We are with you from beginning to end on your wedding day. Daniel and I always divide and conquer all aspects of the wedding day. We also coordinate with your wedding planner, DJ, and even your groomsmen. The benefits of being a married couple is that Daniel gets to hang out with the groomsmen and serve the groom and I get to serve the bride during different aspects of the wedding day.  And we get to build relationships with everyone, which is such an honor. And during the ceremony, portraits, and reception we work together to capture every moment.

During the reception, we also lend-a-hand and help out anyone possible! Don’t know how to cut a wedding cake? No worries, we are there to help! Bouquet toss, we know all about that too! We love our couples. And we love serving our couples throughout their wedding day, from beginning to end.

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