What is a mini-session?

Mini-sessions are shorter sessions (only 20 minutes) that are specifically designed with littles in mind!

I know how hard it is as a parent to have littles one and how hard it is for them to focus during a family session.

Littles ones have big energy, big smiles, big emotions, and honestly just can’t handle really long family sessions.

Mini-sessions allow for you to have a quick session and still have beautiful pictures.

20 minutes, that is all I need to capture the joy of your family. And I always get big smiles, I promise!

Mini-sessions also offer only 25 edited images.

You don’t have to worry about choosing from 75+ pictures.

You will be able to get the pictures you want and have plenty to fill your walls with smiles.

Dreamy family session, Newport news, Virginia, Diana Gordon Photography, photo

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Mini-sessions are only offered on certain days and times during the Fall and Spring.


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