The Most Important Thing We Learned as a Wedding Photographers

Did you know for years my husband and I were wedding photographers?

For 9 years we photographed weddings. From big weddings to Covid weddings, to elaborate to intimate, to out of state. We photographed weddings and it was a joyous season!

We grew a business while growing our family. We went from newlyweds ourselves to a family of four in those 9 years.

We loved it! But the more our kids grew and the older we got, we knew wedding photography just was sustainable for our family anymore.

The end of 2022 was our last year of being wedding photographers.

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We learned A LOT over those 9 years. We can talk to you about ring shots, wedding timelines, first looks, bridal portraits, and even how to fix a wedding dress(yep!).

We know how to photograph dark reception halls, glow stick exits, and those fun grandmoms who like to dance!

We know all about lighting, locations, floral arrangements, how to work with vendors, and even how to photograph a wedding during a hurricane, a let’s not forget covid.

From years (and years!!) of experience and investing in photography education, we know a lot about wedding photography.

But the most important thing wedding photography has taught us, is how to help people.

There is a lot more to photography than “clicking a button”.

You have to know how to help people and love them well no matter the situation or if your camera is turned off.

We have learned so much from just helping people.

We have learned to watch people and now how to help them and when.

We have learned to care for people and their needs in the moment to make their day special.

We have learned to listen to people’s stories and their hearts for their families.

We have learned to joyously celebrate with people.


That is the most important thing we have learned after 9 years of wedding photography.

Yes, the pictures matter….BUT the people matter more.

*Pictures from the very last wedding we photographed.




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