Leland’s Birth Story Part. 2

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I tried everything to get labor to start. I had done this once before, I knew the signs but that didn’t keep me googling everything and anything. I wanted another natural birth. I wanted control of the situation. Well, days and days went by past my due date and the doctors had me scheduled for induction. An induction was not on my laboring plans. I started freaking out mentally, because that is not what I wanted or how I envisioned it at all. I didn’t want drugs or to be hooked up to a lot of things. And in my heart of hearts, I just knew that is how it was going to go.

We knew the “true” due date now. Plans were made and we knew there was not going to be any concerns or worries about Daniel having to leave work or getting last minute childcare for Kylie. Grandparents knew the plan, and I was to report at the hospital at 5am Monday morning on the 8th for the induction.

We figured we would try to rest/sleep the night before and Leland finally realized that his birthday was fast approaching…my labor started naturally overnight. I labored all through the night and waited until it was time to go to my scheduled induction to go to the hospital. We arrived, checked in and to my surprise I was already halfway there.

I had a natural birth with Kylie and I thought that’s what I wanted again, but after weeks and weeks of bouncing on balls, doing stairs, and eating spicy foods and of course laboring through the night, I was done. I knew mentally I could do a natural birth again, I just didn’t want to. I wanted to rest and be able to actually talk to Daniel during this time. It was actually quite nice to hang out together knowing our son would be there soon.

My contractions were infrequent in their consistency so they did end up giving me pitocin to speed everything up at the end.  Labor was short at the hospital (considering I labored all night), and with 2 pushes Leland was out.

It wasn’t my plan but the Lord was in control. He provided everything that we needed through the entire process from a long pregnancy to a scheduled induction (actually worked out because everyone knew the day and could ask off from work) to a safe (and rather easy labor) and delivery.

And our son entered the world one year ago today.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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