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Hustle. The new catch phrase of the creative world; it’s on cute mugs and t-shirts. Just Hustle. But when did hustling become a good thing? You might as well say, “hurry” and get things done faster.

Now believe me, I have “hustled” with the best of them. I have tried to do it all – be a good wife, be a good employee, be a good businesswoman, be a good friend, on top of planning meals (healthy ones at that!), being a part of the community while keeping up with laundry. I got up early, stayed up late – all in the name of hustling. I lived in the “hustle” so much that I started telling my husband that I was hustling. I was trying to do it all… one more blog post… one more image… just one more…hustle… hustle.

In the midst of living in the hustle, I couldn’t do it all and something had to give. I neglected my house, neglected my husband, neglected my community, and neglected my employer to hustle, to make my dreams happen. Your dreams only happen if you hustle, right?

Wrong! Hustling for a day or maybe a season might be alright. I understand we all need to accomplish our own to-do lists, but hustling as a lifestyle is unhealthy. Hustling as a lifestyle equals sleep deprivation, neglected relationships, and unhealthy habits. Hustling as a lifestyle is rushing, hurrying, and getting things faster, though maybe not better. Hustling is not always a good thing.

One day I stopped hustling. I stopped hurrying. I stopped rushing. And I started serving and acting in love. And I encourage you to do the same.

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  • Brenda's Wedding BlogYou have no idea how much I LOVE this!!!! I’m not a fan of this "hustle" mentality that’s everywhere now. I’m a believer that more good comes out of taking things one step at a time. Hustling does not mean more money – it usually means less quality work because everything is rushed.


  • amandaThis is exactly how I feel right now! Somthing has got to give – Great article


  • Delaney DobsonIt’s true. We lose sight of what is around us when we are hurrying through everything. I played sports as a kid and we were always told to hustle. When I was in school, I was told to hurry through the learning process. While it might have been appropriate then, it isn’t true in all things. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • Rachel GreimanThis is so true! I recently saw a quote, something like, "Family. Friends. Work. Fitness. Fun. … Pick 3."

    And I can’t help but think that’s accurate. We can only give devoted attention to so many things before we start dropping things. I’m having to learn to be gentle with myself through different seasons as my focus shifts from different things. Thanks for the reminder that hustle isn’t always worth it!


  • Andrea K. GristThis is a great post, thank you for sharing!!


  • ashley eibanLOVE this mindset! It’s so impossible to balance each and every.. all of the many plates we hold up! Being intentional and relational is way more important! Thanks for sharing!


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