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Last week, I attended my first OCF session! (OCF stands for off-camera flash). I have been investing a lot into my education recently. I have learned to cull, edit, and photograph differently. And I have been trying to practice those skills. One thing I felt like I was missing was learning more about flash. I know how to use a flash, but I wanted to expand my knowledge even further. I noticed a local husband and wife team (Luke and Ashley Photography) were hosting one-on-one sessions for OCF, and I immediately signed-up!

I have done mentoring sessions before and sitting down with another photographer; especially one you follow, can be nerve-wrecking. You want to impress them and pretend you know everything, while looking super cute. This time around, I wasn’t as nervous of what I was going to wear, act, bring, do, etc. I knew I didn’t know everything, so this time was different – I was there to learn, and it was easier to admit that.

I started the session doing headshots in the freezing weather with Ashley. I honestly think having that “we are both freezing” moment outside immediately made me loosen up. And then to be invited into their home, served coffee, and have the opportunity to discuss life and house projects made me feel at home. They allowed me into their home and their lives, filled with pets and children, and I loved it! I didn’t feel like I had to have it all together – I mean really, I was wearing skinny jeans under a dress – not normal!

And then for them to not only teach me but show me with my own gear how to better use flash was invaluable. I feel like there are a lot of ways to read and watch how to use flashes, but to have someone show you how to position a flash, how to change the power on multiple flashes, how to get ambeint light in the picture, how to fix shadows, how to not blow out a picture with flash, what settings to use, what different heights and settings do to the flash power, what buttons change things- just made the whole thing more tangible!

Thanks so much for the OCF mentoring session, Luke and Ashley! I can’t wait to test out my knowledge this wedding season!

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