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Whiskey has a sad but sweet story. I actually saw Whiskey outside our townhouse several times just walking the neighborhood and hiding in the sewer drain. I just assumed he was someone’s pet. A few times he would meow and come all the way up to our porch and roll around. He would rub against your legs and hands to get you to pet him. We knew he had to be a pet at some point with that behavior. Well we kept seeing him around, and the neighbors were starting to notice too. We asked around if the orange cat was someone’s pet, and no one claimed him. A few said they would take him in, if we didn’t find his owners.

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We put up signs in the neighborhoods around ours…and we found his owners!! I was so relieved to return the cat to the proper owners. We called them, found out his name was Whiskey, and returned him to a very excited young couple. They were so happy that we found him. He apparently had been missing for months. About a month later, Whiskey came back to our door. So, we called the owners again, and they didn’t respond. We called, texted, left voice messages and no one answered. We knew the owners lived in our old apartment complex, so we spoke to the office manager. The manager said that they removed the cat from their lease. The cat had no home now.


Our next door neighbor took pity on him first and took him inside and gave him a bath. However, she had two dogs and couldn’t keep him. At this point, I was falling in love with the orange cat. I would purposely look for him. I would go outside to pet him and give him some attention. People started assuming he was our cat. And I really wanted him to be my cat and bring him indoors, the only problem we had a rental property and needed permission from our landlord. It took time, but eventually we bought everything we needed for him and brought him inside. Turns out, he was litter-boxed trained and loved to cuddle on the couch with us. He was ours. He was our fur-baby.

cat who sits, whiskey, newport news, Virginia, Diana Gordon Photography, photo

And Whiskey is such a fur-baby! He rules our house. He knows when it time for us to get up and of course when it is time to eat! He whines and cries if he doesn’t know where his humans are. He complains when he wants something. He follows me room to room, like a dog. And if you shut a door in the house, give it a few seconds, and you will hear Whiskey banging on the door, meowing. He is extremely vocal, and incredibly cuddly. And we are very thankful that he has come into our lives-even if he does take up my side of the bed!


One of our favorite things about Whiskey is that he loves the kids! When each child was a baby, he would try his best to snuggle up to them while they were playing on the floor.  We have several pictures of him curled up on my legs, as I nursed a baby in our nursery. And the poor cat takes all the “hugs”, “kisses” and not-so-gentle hugs from the both of them! He is a very special cat!

cat who sits, whiskey, newport news, Virginia, Diana Gordon Photography, photo


Besides his sweet nature, we have trained him to “sit” for a treat. Yes, just like a dog! He is a cat who sits..well when food is involved!

Want to see more of Whiskey? Well, he does have his own hashtag #whiskeythekitty and is often featured on our Instagram stories!

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  • Michelle DavenportI remember when you first got Whiskey. Such a sweet boy & he found the best fur ever home. ReplyCancel

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