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Over the last 6 months, I have invested a lot into education for my business. The first few years of my business I really didn’t invest into education. I would just copy other photographers, and really make it up as I went. I learned by a lot of trial and error (a lot of error!). I have learned a lot on my own, but there is a point in time where you need to ask for outside help. And honestly, I wish I had started investing sooner into educational resources for my business. I have attended a conference, mentoring sessions and classes; it is worth every penny. It is worth the investment for you further your education in whatever field you work in.

There are SO MANY options when it comes to education in the creative world. And it can be SO overwhelming!

Here are some of my recommendations for investing in your education:

Starting Small:

Blogs/Newsletters to follow (all free!!):

Another suggestion is just to follow and read a lot of posts by your favorite photographers/creatives. Study how they blog, when they post, how they post. Learn from their blogs, articles they share, and books they read.


A lot of creatives read business books. As creatives we LOVE to create, but most of us hate spreadsheets and the business side of things (including myself!) Just this year I started reading a few business books (should have started sooner!), and here are a few recommendations.

  • Start. by Jon Acuff
  • Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • Purple Cow by Seth Godwin

Your Next Step:

Meet and Greets/ Mini-Conferences:

  • Most areas have a local Rising Tide group or just a local creative group. Try going to a few meetings,you never know who you might meet! (I know it’s awkward, but I went and met some photographers in my local area that I really admire!)
  • The Come Together Event– This was my first “mini” educational event. It was awkard, but I ran into a local photographer who knew me via social media and we hit it off! And I learned a lot!

Start small – invest in what you can afford.

*Online Classes/Webinars: * Since I work part-time still, these are the best option for me! I usually sign-up for free webinars or even pay for online classes. This gives me the option to watch the videos on my time, and rewatch them if I need to!

  • Creative Live offers free videos and the option of purchasing online courses
  • Katelyn James’s Consistency Course(currently closed!) If you get the chance to pay for the next round, I would do it!! I love it!!
  • Abby Grace Photography– Just launched a new pratical workshop ONLINE! You can purchase the entire workshop or purchase the modules you want.

One-on-One Mentoring/Workshops:

It was a huge decision to spend money on One-on-One sessions but honestly it was worth every penny. I recommend saving up business money to afford an One-on-One session or a workshop- these tend to be on the the more expensive side of educational resources. I personally haven’t attended a workshop yet. Although, I have had a One-on-One mentoring session with Katelyn James and I recently signed-up for one with Luke and Ashely for OCF. One-on-One sessions and workshops are a great way to learn, ask questions, and learn hands on, instead of online.

The Next Big Thing – Weekend Conferences! This is my next goal! I would love to attend a creative conference! Time to start saving!

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  • MARKETMOXThese are such great resources and tips! Wonderful reminder to slow down and take a minute to learn something new!


  • Lindsay GilmoreSuch great resources. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • Victoria AnneAwesome! I love how you compiled this list. I will definitely have to check these books out. Other online classes to check out: The Define School.


  • EwaI agree, the purple cow is a book every entrepreneur should read. All Seth Godin’s book in general are very good, his blog is awesome, too!


  • Abby GraceThank you SO much for the link love, Diana!! We’re so grateful!


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