Why should you join our Family Membership?


Why should you join our Family Membership…because your life is worth documenting. Your story is worth documenting.

And your family is absolutely worth documenting.

Your family will be your legacy.

What you teach your kids now is what will be past down from generation to generation. The story of family…the moments of love, giggles, hugs, a tender moments.

Don’t you want your kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids look back at a moment and to see that legacy?

The Family Membership Experience allows you the ability to document your family throughout the year. Two (or more sessions) to document the growth, the change of your family.

The Membership allows you to priority the documentation of your family. You have first access to our calendar for scheduling. And members receive style guides to help you plan their family portrait sessions.

Why should you the Family Membership Experience…because it is designed with you and your family in mind.

Your sessions can be used on the needs of your family between newborns, seniors, and everything in between.

Join the Membership and document the legacy of your family!




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