How often should you take family pictures?


How often should you have your family pictures taken?


I have people ask me as a professional photographer and mom, how often should we get pictures? I really recommend at least once a year. Your kids grow and change quickly.

But like most people, I had to do a quick Google search. And do you know what the interest said, “every 5 years or more often when kids are little”.

5 years!!!!! Could you imagine how much could change in 5 years?!. Our kids are 2 ½ years apart. Could you imagine if we waited 5 years to take pictures! We would have MISSED so much. Those are precious seasons and years. I can’t imagine waiting 5 years to take pictures.

Even if our kids were older, I would not wait 5 years! Just this past week, I photographed 2 different families with pre-teen/teenage boys, all of whom I photographed last year (or past years).

And I was shocked by how much these boys had grown in a year (some of them it was several inches and I didn’t recognize them! They had changed so much in just one year!)

I hate to say this…but the internet isn’t always right!!

As a professional (and a mom!) please do not wait 5 years to take pictures of your family! I really recommend at least once a year. Your kids grow and change quickly.


*How often should you take family portraits….at least once year! If you have young kids, I would even recommend twice a year. And that is why we designed our Family Membership.

Families can have a stress-free experience while knowing they are capturing the growth and changes of their family.

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