Passion Project: Non-Profit / Ministry Work

We have been in business for 7 years now. We have photographed everything from bridal showers, to weddings, newborns, families, anniversaries, the list could go on and on. And we have loved every minute of it! We have met new people; travelled across Virginia and even out-of-state. We have documented life, memories, and special moments for hundreds of people.

But I have always struggled with trying to build the Lord’s kingdom with our business, and not my own kingdom. I would run into questions like: How do I use this business to serve and love others? How do build a strong business not based off of “likes”?  And how do we still make profit (this business does support our family), while serving the Lord?

After years of pondering, thinking, and not really having an answer, my business coach (Elizabeth Henson) came up with an idea. She knew we loved the Lord, she knew we financially supported several different ministries and organizations, so why don’t we start taking action?

And this is how our passion project journey has started.

Our business will be spotlighting  what the Lord is doing in our community at large. We would love to showcase non-profits/local ministries in our community on our blog. We would LOVE to gift your organizations with a 20 minute FREE session (could be for the organization or for the leader’s personal family). The images are theirs to use and we will also use the images on the blog along with a short biography of the company, how the Lord is working through this community, and how others can support the organization financially or through prayer.

And so our Passion Project starts this week!!! (And don’t worry we are still photographing weddings and families!!!!!) We also just want to share more about what the Lord is doing around us!

So far, we have connections and plans to work with:

Younglife/ Wildlife (Newport News)

CareNet (Peninsula) 

Cornerstone Support Services 

local MOPS Group

-Dreams of Hope Foundation

Serve the City (Peninsula)

Know of other non-profits/ ministries that would be blessed with a free session and an spotlight on our blog? Email us: or contact us, here!


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