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Serving your clients doesn’t have to be an expense or over the top idea, simple gestures go a long way! The little things do matter-like having a sewing kit available.

Let’s have an honest moment for a second, I really don’t know how to sew. I never learned and I have never taken the time to learn. Although, on a wedding day I do carry a little sewing kit with me. and I may not be able to sew but there is usually someone around that can.

And having a sewing kit could really save their wedding day. Daniel and I have both have had to sew a few things during a wedding day such as buttons on a groomsman’s pants and a veil (the bride’s veil came completely off the plastic comb right in the middle of portraits). I have seen the mother of the bride and groom completely sew a bridesmaid into her dress because the dress was too big and there wasn’t enough time to purchase a new dress.

Other items to include in your sewing kit would be: safety pins, flower needles and extra earring backings. I have seen boutonnieres come apart, bridesmaids dresses needing pinning, and earring backings disappear. Things unfortunately happen on weddings days and it is always nice to be able to provide these things, if needed.

Personally, I strive to provide my brides and grooms with the best client experience possible. As a photographer, I am there not only to document and capture the moments of their wedding day but also to serve them.


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