Top 10 Tips for the Engaged Couple

Top 10 tips for the engaged couple: Are you newly engaged? It is an exciting and fun time, but it also can be really overwhelming! You want to celebrate and tell the world about your love, but the reality of it all can be stressful! What do you do first? Who do you call? Do you post your engagement on social media? Do you pick your date now or do you wait? So many questions can run through your head in the midst of celebrating.

My advice would be to take your engagement season and wedding planning one step at a time. Everything will come together at the end (I promise)! Just enjoy this time together!

Here are my Top 10 Tips for the engaged couple to help you have a less stressful time!

  1. Tell your family first (and don’t forget your grandmothers!), and then your close friends. After that, tell the world however you want,tweet, Insta, Snapchat, etc.
  2. Try to go a few weeks without planning. I know it will be hard, but use those first few weeks to be an engaged couple!
  3. Discuss what you both want at your wedding (without your family’s advice). It is your day after all!
  4. Discuss budget and who is paying- gulp!
  5. Discuss your vision, wants, and desires with your families, especially if they are helping pay for it.
  6. Choose a date! May-October is the typical wedding season!
  7. Pick a theme or colors for your wedding. Do you want your wedding to be a Black-Tie affair or nautical-themed?
  8. Pick a location for your wedding-Your hometown? His hometown? Aboard?
  9. Choose a venue and caterer.
  10. Choose your photographer!**

Bonus tip: Have fun! This is an exciting and stressful time especially when people and the world of Pinterest have a million different ideas and advice for you. Stay true to yourself as a couple and remember at the end of your wedding day the only thing that is important is that you are married!


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