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Outsource. Outsource. Outsource. Over the last several years I felt like I have heard a lot of people talking about outsourcing. And honestly, I ignored every SINGLE one of those conversations, blog posts, or social media tidbits about outsourcing. Outsourcing was such a strange concept to me-I pay someone else to take care of an aspect of my business? I can’t outsource parts of my day job to somebody, so why would I outsource parts of my business. I just didn’t understand, until recently.

A few years ago, I had never thought about outsourcing any aspect of my business. I thought that I could do it all as a small business owner-bookkeeping, public relations, communication, editing, photographing, website design, etc. My mindset was that I could, and would do it all, and that I didn’t need any help. And I was wrong.
Outsourcing isn’t about proving that you can do it all or even the fact that you need help, it is about serving each other.

Over the last few years, I have outsourced different aspects of my business from bookkeeping, to editing, to even blog archiving. And honestly, I wished I had outsourced sooner!  I wish I had listened. I now know that I have more time for the aspects of my business that I love. And I know that I can help another small business by outsourcing.

As a photographer (or creative), you owe it to your clients to provide them with the best possible client experience. And sometimes outsourcing, whether it is book keeping or editing, is the right way to go to allow you to have more time to love and serve your clients.


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