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Meet my husband, the photographer! Daniel by trade is a Quality Control manager for a solar electrical contractor, but on the weekends he is a photographer. Completely different roles and jobs! He didn’t always want to be a photographer (or to be a part of the business) but after attending a wedding and shooting along with me he realized that he enjoyed serving couples and being a part of their wedding day.

Over the years, we have realized that we love working along each other and our business has blossomed into a husband and wife photography team. We work together to capture all the precious moments on a wedding day, but we do have different jobs. I (Diana) am often the “face” of the business.  I am the primary shooter, the communicator, planner, etc. You see the business through my eyes and lens quite often, but I wanted to share more about my husband (the other half of the business), the wedding photographer and his job on a wedding day.

On a wedding day you can first catch Daniel driving our mini-van. He does his research to find out how long it will take us to get from one venue to the next.   I know that sounds so simple, but a lot of times between venues I will grab a bite to eat, switch lenses, review timelines, etc. I know and trust that Daniel can get us go venues safely and effectively (he is much better with directions than I am).

After driving and coordinating schedules, Daniel often spends the day with the groom and groomsmen. He photographs the grooms getting ready, and all the fun the groomsmen have! (You might also see him sewing buttons, fixing wedding dresses, and sewing pants! We do what we can to make sure our couples are ready for their portraits!)

And from a time or two, you can catch him helping me hang a wedding dress.


During the rest of the wedding day, Daniel is there to capture all the candid moments, along with different angles of everything! We have been doing this together for quite some time, that we already know exactly what shots and angles each of us will take without even talking!

After the ceremony, is truly Daniel’s true moment to shine-family portraits! If you have worked with us or have seen us work, you know that Daniel takes the lead during this part of the wedding day. Daniel has a great skill for remembering names on a wedding day. He normally is able to patiently help gather family members and get each group ready for their picture effortlessly.


And lets not forget about portraits! During portraits, Daniel focuses on details, candid moments, and artistic angles. He always has such gorgeous shots!

During the reception, you might find Daniel talking with the groomsmen (he always makes new friends!), helping move a wedding cake (that happens more often than you think!), and of course dancing along with the music! We love celebrating with our couples and their families at the reception!


Daniel is in a totally different industry and field during the week, but the weekends we is my husband, the photographer! And we love working as a husband and wife team!




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