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“Do you!” I have heard it and see this catch-phrase all over social media and the creative world lately. The phrase is like a hip version of “be yourself”.

I think being yourself (and “doing you”) is very important but I’d also like to add to the phrase – do what only you can do *

I heard that phrase from a leadership podcast and it stopped me in my tracks – do what only I can do. I have never truly thought about it. From a business perspective, I have outsourced and allowed others to help me. Although, I have never prioritized my life or business from the perspective of doing what only I can do. Someone else can do bookkeeping, or even blogging (Daniel even blogged recently!), but no one else can “be me” to my clients. No one else can meet, greet, or photograph my clients like me. And that should be my priority – taking care of my clients like no one else can.

On a personal level, I have certainly never considered it! I am the scheduler, meal planner, list-marker, and run-the-house person. It’s just my type-A personality to be organized. And often I try to do it all (usually in one day!), but I need to remind myself to do what only I can do on a daily basis.


I am a daughter of the King, Daniel’s wife, and Kylie and Leland’s mom (and a Whiskey the kitty’s owner)- those titles are unique only to me! No one else can do those jobs! And after I prioritize my life with an aspect “to do what only I can do” everything else will fall into place (or get done, eventually). I don’t have to do it all, because others can help.

I encourage you to think about “what only you can do” and what job titles are unique to you (wife, mother, educator, etc.).



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