10 Things you didn’t know about me!

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There are always times were I wish I could meet and talk to more people. There is something about sitting down, discussing life, over a cup of coffee or a great meal that just warms my heart! And during this COVID situation it has been harder to meet people and learn more about their lives.

I know I can’t meet everyone, but I figured I could at least share some interesting facts about me! Grab some coffee, or some food, and learn 10 things that you didn’t know about me!

1. I prefer to cook over baking! I hate that flour seems to get everywhere when I bake. But, I love to eat baked goods!

2. I love a great sweater! And I am so excited that Fall is on it’s way! (Can you tell by the picture?!)

3. I love drinking hot beverages! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. I drink them year-around. Sometimes I drink multiples of these in a day!

4. I love organizing! And I use a lot of different tools to keep us organized from my Google Calendar to my Simplified Planner to my Power Sheets. I have even been known to over organize our home at times and have been blamed for “hiding” things!

5. I don’t consider myself a writer. My husband is the writer in the family and my editor 🙂

6. I am a horrible speller, thus why an editor is needed!

7. I worked in the museum field for over 6 years! I learned so much from working in small museums and I did everything from changing light bulbs to directing events.

8. Christopher Newport University has a special place in my hear. I worked really hard for my degree in Classical Studies (don’t know what that is?? No worries! I basically studied Greco-Roman culture) and Art History. And that is also where Daniel and I met, fell in love, and got engaged. It is the one place that is connected to our love story!

9. I love to sleep! And I am not a morning person, but since having kids I have been forced to become a morning person. I am usually up by 6am.

10. I am extremely compassionate! I can’t watch action films or even the news, because I get upset when people are hurting. Daniel’s favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings and I even have difficultly watching that, when the people/horses get hurt.


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