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Hi I'm Diana, a wedding and portrait photographer serving the Hampton Roads area and Virginia.  I am a mom of two kiddos, who loves to make to-do lists, watch You-Tube videos, and enjoys the outdoors. Sip some coffee and enjoy the lastest weddings and sessions here.

Wedding Albums | Ask Anything

Should I order a wedding album? Or is a wedding album worth it? Questions that are on every bride’s mind. As a bride, photographer, and a mom my answer is YES!!! You want an album that is going to stay the test of time. A quality album that you can show your kids and grandkids. Think about a wedding album as part of your family’s history. It will be a tangible record of how your family came to be over time.

I know everyone has their pictures on their phones and computer, but looking at your images just off your computer isn’t the same. And who knows how much technology is going to change in the coming years! Just think – some of us used to use floppy discs, now this generation has no idea what those are!

A lot of brides tell me that they don’t need a professional album, because they can just order an album through Shutterfly (or another site like that). Those sites are great, and yes I order albums from them too. BUT, those albums are not great quality. They don’t have high quality paper, mounted sturdy pages with precise binding techniques. *We literally have our photo albums locked-up because we have a toddler. It would take our daughter one rough flip of a page through a Shutterfly album to rip a page right out. Professional wedding albums are designed to protect the memories of your wedding day without worry of pages being torn or pictures fading. Wedding albums are always worth it! They provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end. And they can remind you over and over again of the special and precious moments leading up to you becoming husband and wife! Interested in a  wedding album? I am currently offering 15% off wedding albums!

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