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When I started my business I made a Facebook page and a blog. I originally set up a WordPress account for my blog’s platform, but I found Blogger at little bit easier to use. I used my blogger account for years and eventually it was synced to my current website.

I just left my WordPress account active, just in case I needed it. Well, almost four years later, someone posted a sweet comment on my blog. It was truly unexpected but perfect timing! I received the comment last week days before my first wedding of the season.

Wondering about what blog post was commented on…? Well, here is my WordPress blog post from July 2013, of why I started a business! (I would say my original thoughts are still true!)

“Why I started a business..?

Some people have asked me why I have started a business; this is a whole blog explaining about it. Grab some coffee (well perhaps decaf), sit back and enjoy this long story.

I have always loved taking pictures. I have folders, and folders, and folders on my computer of just pictures. I love recording life! And looking back and remembering “that moment!” There is something about looking at pictures and remembering the past. Pictures always fill me up with emotions of love, joy, and laughter.

Recently, I went to visit my grandmother, and I am not sure if anyone else’s grandmother is like this but she has pictures EVERYWHERE. As soon as you walk into her entryway pictures of her GREAT-grandchildren make a small collage on the wall. In her hallway a whole piece of art has been covered with pictures of her grandchildren. There is something about looking at these and remembering our loved ones or those crazy family events the make you grateful for who you are and the family you come from.
I want my clients to have these same emotions. I want my business and pictures to instill emotions of love. I want my clients to be able to share their precious moments with their family and their future family members.

If you have ever lost a loved one, pictures suddenly become a treasured item. I unfortunately lost a grandfather at a young age and never met my dad’s parents, but we have pictures of them. I treasure those photos. Photos can capture a person’s personality, a person’s character, love, joy and a whole spectrum of emotions, why not document it. I want my clients and my kids one day to be able to look back at pictures and know that love was always there.
And one final reason I started a photography business is that I am a little obsessive about photo albums. I actually had not realized it until my brother pointed it out! I have 20 PHOTO ALBUMS! (Not baby books or childhood books that my parents made) They are all assembled by me (or gifts); starting with a 5th grade field trip to Jamestown and the most recent one is our wedding album. Check out all the different photo albums I own!” –July 2013

I am going to spare you the really bad pictures I took of our albums in 2013, but I will share a SNEAK PEEK from Courtney and Ben’s beautiful wedding this weekend!

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