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Looking for wedding ideas? What do you do? Go to Pinterest!

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest; anyone else? It can be a great resource, but so overwhelming! There are so many pictures, ideas, articles, must-haves, etc. Some days I feel like I need a manual for searching Pinterest for ideas without getting overwhelmed.
So here are my Top 5 Pinterest Tips when it comes to wedding planning and wedding ideas (and not getting overwhelmed!)

  1. Focus on one idea at a time! Searching weddings will overwhelm you with pictures of everything from DIY to luxury wedding ideas. If you know you are going to have a wedding at a historic site in Virginia, search historic ceremony venues in Virginia – focus only on that idea. Maybe you have decided to DIY your centerpieces for your ballroom reception – focus only on that. Trying to look at, focus on, and read articles about everything weddings will be an information overload!
  2. Read only a few articles! Trust me on this! The taglines of Top Ten wedding ideas, 7 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, Everything you need to DIY (fill in the blank)will get you every time. My advice is to only read a few articles. After awhile they either blend together in your mind or they repeat information.
  3. Follow certain wedding magazines or wedding photographers. This might be a little strange to say for Pinterest, but it will help you narrow down ideas. If you are a southern bride, follow Southern Weddings or Southern Brides, they are more than likely going to have pins closer to your look than just searching southern weddings. They also have boards for very particular wedding ideas, such as bow ties or cakes. Follow a few wedding photographers, that have a similar style to you. As a photographer, my boards are organized by color/theme to help my brides search for ideas.
  4. Organize your boards! I am slowly getting better at this! I find great ideas and pin them and then forget which board I added it to! If you label and organize your wedding boards, it will be much easier to find an idea later under your DIY board than scrolling through all of a wedding board.
  5. Be realistic! Pinterest is a powerful tool, but it also can be unrealistic to life. Pictures are upload from around the world by companies, sponsors, people, etc. Images can be stylized, posed, and often can’t be duplicated. Find images you love. Find ideas you love, but keep in mind that it might not turn out exactly like the picture (ever heard of Pinterest fails?!).

Happy Wedding Planning!

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