Kasey and Dominic Zronek's Wedding- Plymouth, IN

Have you ever met someone and just felt like you were family? The entire wedding weekend of this beautiful couple was like that for us! We  were welcomed with open arms and excitement from everyone there and we even celebrated Dominic’s grandmother’s 87th birthday with their family! (She was adorable, might I add!!) We were so privileged to be there and to celebrate Kasey and Dominic’s wedding day!

 I have actually been a small part of their love story from the very beginning. Kasey and Dominic met each other at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, where I happen to work full-time. And from there they went on dates to a few local places, like Norfolk Botanical Gardens. And as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” This adorable couple got married surrounded by family and friends in Kasey’s hometown and it couldn’t have been more perfect! They hold the record for being on the blog four times now! Love them!!

How cute are these bridesmaids?!
  I just loved her dress!!!

She also had a reception dress! Love it!

How cute are these two little boys?!!

 And who doesn’t love a bubble exit?!

Their reception was adorable!


 Doesn’t this make you want to eat a cupcake?!
 This is the groom’s dad and sister! Next year, they will have a very similar moment except she will be in her wedding dress!
  Isn’t this reception dress perfect?!
 I love it that they were willing to take more pictures during the reception!

Vendor love:
Bridal Dress Designer: Priscilla of Boston
Florist: MichaelAngelos
Ceremony Venue: Church of the Brethren
Reception Venue: Christo’s Banquet Center
Cake: Mrs. T’s Bakery
Groomsmen Attire: Treat’s Squire Shop
Invitations: Evan’s Printing Co.
DJ: Jim Vinall


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