Q. Where are you located? Do you travel?

A. I live in Newort News, VA but I love to travel, I have traveled to Indiana and all through Virginia.

Q. Do you have back-up gear?

A. Absolutely! I have not only a backup camera body but a wide assortment of different lenses and flashes.

Q. What happens in case of an emergency/sickness and you are not able to photograph the wedding?

A. In the highly unlikely event that I am unable to photograph your wedding; I will do everything in my power to secure a replacement. I will find a highly qualified photographer to take my place.

Q. How do you describe your photograph style?

A. I consider my style to be timeless. I love capturing the candid moments that happen naturally but also enjoy the more traditionally posed photographs.

Q. Do I have permission to print the photos? Can I use them online?

A. With each of my weddings and portrait sessions, I release the photographs for personal use after final payment. This allows you to print the images at any photo lab of your choice for friends & family and use the images online. You may not however – sell, edit, or advertise the images in any way. This includes submitting images to wedding blogs or publications – I love publishing my couples, but I ask that you contact me first before submitting to ensure that I have not already submitted the images for publication! I also ask that if you post your images online (such as on Facebook) – that you state clearly, “By Diana Gordon Photography” below or beside the image.

Q. What is a “First Look”? /Why should I do a first look?

A. A “First Look” is a way to give you as bride and groom a few private moments to see each other for the first time, before walking down the aisle. There are many reasons to have one, including giving you a chance to relax and be in the moment with each other without all eyes being on you. It also saves time later during portraits and gives you more time to be with guests during cocktail hour.

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Diana Gordon Photography

Diana Gordon Photography is a premier family photographer serving Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond with their bright and elegant style.

Email: dianagordon.photography@gmail.com