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The most valuable knowledge I have gained from other photographers has been through shadowing them/watching them work AND other photographers telling me what type of programs and software that they use.

Those moments have always been game-changers for me.

I have been able to grow or elevate my business over the years with the knowledge other photographers have shared with me.

And now I am sharing a long list of them programs and software that we have used for our business!


Here are the programs:

Photo culling and editing: 

Culling= PhotoMechanic

Editing= Lightroom

Graphic Design or online brochures: 

Graphic Design=Canva

our freebie brochures=InDesign

Invoicing, contracts, and online galleries:

All of those things =Pixieset 

*I have used Honeybook in the past.

Online calendar:

Google Calendar

We use Pixieset for our clients to schedule.

*I also have used Acuity in the past.


WAVE (very similar to Quick books)


WordPress with a ProPhoto Template

(though custom designed for us)

*In the beginning years we had a Squarespace.

Social media planning:



Hoping this list helps you grow your business. And feel free to save this freebie with the list.

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