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As a business owner you really need to be intentional with your time. All of us have 24 hours in a day (yes, even Beyoncé), and sometimes that’s still not enough.

Over the years, I have learned a few creative ways to be intentional with my business time and still have family time.

First part of being intentional with your time, is knowing your limits and boundaries. Let’s start with limits first. I have several physical limits. I know personally that there is a screen time limit on my eyes. My body (and eyes) all need a break from screens and from sitting at a desk. I need to move, stretch, and go outside. These are all physical limitations to my business operations. Knowing what my body can handle means that I can purposely schedule time into my schedule to take a break.  If you work a full-time job or have little children, your time might also be very limited. You would need to figure out your limits in working and operating a business. It is going to look different for everyone based on your season of life.

*And I would highly advise taking breaks away from screens and making time to stretch. I know many photographers that experience a lot of neck, shoulder, and wrist issues from not stepping away from the computer.

Boundaries are also important. I have strict boundaries on my business hours and when I respond to emails, schedule sessions, etc. I also have boundaries to the locations of sessions that I schedule. Unfortunately, I can’t drive all over Virginia to photograph families.  I also can’t be a business owner all day. every day.  That would be extremely unhealthy for me and our family. (That also leads to complete burn out, which I have watched many photographers experience.)

Boundaries are also important to establish clear expectations for your client but also your family. My clients know we have a family and I will not respond to emails after business owners or on the weekend.

Even though I have limitations and boundaries, I also have scheduled intentional time to work on my business. Every different season of parenthood, I have had to redesign how I have intentional business time. Right now my kids are in full-time school and I have time to work when they are in school. That hasn’t always been the case.

I have learned to get very creative with my business hours throughout the years.  I encourage you set aside some intentional time for your business. Try listening to podcasts on your commute, get up early, stay up late, work during your lunch break or naptimes. Take at least one night a week to catch up on business items. In this field you have to be creative, even with your time.

The key to anything is scheduling intentional, consistent time. When in your day/week can you establish a intentional time to work on your business?

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