Monthly Ministry Highlight: Younglife/Wildlife

I am SOOO excited to share this month’s ministry highlight!! This month we are sharing about YoungLife and WyldLife!! Woohoo!! Meet Tucker and Rachel Frye and Laura Raciborski!

Tucker and Laura are the local leaders of YoungLife (Tucker) and WyldLife (Laura). And having been a youth that attended a chapter of YoungLife, this organization is near and dear to me!

Young Life seeks to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Volunteer leaders go where kids are to build lifelong relationships with them, with the hope of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as their friendship grows. We currently have teams of leaders sharing the Gospel with kids at Menchville, Warwick, York, Grafton, Tabb, Gildersleeve Middle and Tabb Middle School.

 Tucker and Laura have collectively seen thousands of students come to faith at a Young Life Summer Camp and each have stories about sitting down to pray with a student to accept Christ! Not only do they get to introduce students to Jesus, but we get to continue to walk alongside them back at home as they step into their new lives with Christ. It is a privilege for them to watch the Lord work through this ministry in the lives of so many kids whose lives have been transformed forever!


Can you tell that Tucker and Laura work with youth!!!bahahaha! They are so fun! And if you have never been to a YoungLife meeting, you are missing out!(not worry if you are an adult now, they could use you as a volunteer).They have a lot off fun and silliness with a lot of gospel truth! From Tucker: We are so thankful to get to do the work that we do, and have a big vision for where the Lord is growing our ministry. We desperately need your prayers, funding, and have a big need for caring adults willing to volunteer in the lives of kids! There is no age cap on volunteer leaders- if you love Jesus and love kids then you can be a leader! We also have space on our adult committee who help us grow the ministry. There are a number of ways to support our ministry, and we hope you will consider coming alongside us so that we can reach more kids.Diana Gordon Photography, Newport News, Virginia, Ministry, photo

If you would like to support this organization, here is all the information you need to know!

Please pray for our area to continue growing! We hope to see every middle and high school on the Peninsula have their own team of leaders who are specifically praying for and building Christ-centered relationships with the students at that school! We need leaders, guidance from the Lord, more staff, and funding. Most importantly we need the Lord to move and take us with Him!

You can give financially in a variety of capacities! Any gift helps, but we have a great need for monthly donors who want to see our ministry grow and thrive. We also send local students from across the Peninsula to camp every summer to hear and process the Gospel alongside their leaders, and there are always students who are in need of financial help to get there. Camp Sponsorship is a direct way you can help kids from the Peninsula hear about Jesus! Please do not hesitate to reach out and hear more about this!

And don’t forget to follow them and cheer them on, on social media!!

Instagram- @ylpeninsula

Facebook- Peninsula Young Life



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