Staying Organized in the Midst of Chaos

Diana Gordon photography, Powersheets, Simplified Planner, photoThis is strange time and staying organized in the midst of this chaos is so difficult. A virus, stay-at-home orders, schools cancelled, the list could go on and on. I spent the first few weeks and months of all of this, really disorganized. I didn’t use my calendar or planner (what was there to plan?!). As time went on, I realized I still needed a place to write out my plans/to-dos lists for the day. I needed a schedule back, even if it was different. And I needed to go back to having goals and being able to track “success” even if that was different, too.

Just a few weeks ago, I went back to using my  Powersheets to plan out and review my goals. And it was so good and refreshing! I had the space to write out and navigate what was happening in the world and figure out what mattered the most to me right now.

And for staying organized with our calendar (or even lack of plans), I use the Simplified Planner. I write out our meals, my to-do list (I made a cleaning schedule to help me stay on track and focused).

The Powersheets help me process and plan my goals. I take my big goals and write out little tasks in my planner to slowly work towards my bigger goals. Together these tools help me stay on track with our life and with business plans.  We all know that life happens, things change, but having a place to write out my thoughts, organize them and plan according helps me during this time. Diana Gordon photography, Powersheets, Simplified Planner, photoI know this is a strange time, but I challenge you to take steps to help you to process of this, even if it is writing down your goals or that you want to conquer the piles of laundry.  You can be organized in the midst of chaos.


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