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Last week, I finished my last week of teaching. These past several months I have been teaching K4 at Calvary Classical School in Hampton, VA. I haven’t shared to much about  my teaching experience. During the Fall, we were so busy with weddings and family sessions that I never thought about sharing about it.  This winter we have been so sick (from colds, sinus infections, pneumonia, flu, etc) and gearing up for the arrive of our son (who is due any day now!). And now my teaching season is over.

I really enjoyed my time teaching. My four year olds kept me on my toes and moving! I know I was there to teach them but they taught me so much! They taught me how to enjoy the simple things. They didn’t need screens, the newest toy or the cutest clothes. They just need a simple craft and a lot of imagination. Some of the best days in class were when they made a craft (like an octopus made out of a paper plate and crepe paper), and they got to dance around and pretend to be an animal.  Four year olds are full of imagination and creativity!

They taught me how make everything a game, which is honestly the best way to learn!

My students taught me about seeing everything through God’s eyes! They see everyone the same. They don’t see race, gender, or economic class. They just want a friend to play with! Though, they will notice if you have the same snack (which seems to make their day!)

They taught me about God’s grace and forgiveness. Four year olds are quick to forgive and apologize. They feel and love deeply.

They have taught me so many things this past school year!

Unfortunately, my teaching career is now over. Make sure to read this week’s upcoming blog posts to learn more about some more personal changes coming!

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