Cozy Winter Engagement Session

I am so excited to share this cozy winter engagement session in Norfolk, Virginia! Today is the perfect rainy, gray, winter day to snuggle up with the one you love! I met this wonderful couple a few years ago at Amanda and Patrick’s wedding (another #dgcouple). Justus was actually in the bridal party and I remember taking a picture for him and Lauren at the reception! And now it is their turn to get married!! And this time around Patrick will be in their bridal party! I love it when my #dgcouples are close friends, it makes their wedding day even more special!

Lauren and Justus actually meant while playing on a recreational co-ed sports team. They realized they liked each other, but they only knew each other through the sports team! They eventually went out and the beginning awkwardness of every relationship faded away as they realized that they were falling in love with each other. Last year, Justus proposed to Lauren at her family cabin. Her family was in on the proposal and it was so sweet to hear that the entire family (who knew what was about to happen) got to watch the event unfold from a distance.

We met at their home in Norfolk, Virginia for their engagement session. They have been working hard to update, paint, and make their house a home for them. Justus added this adorable swing to their porch (which was a grandmother’s). And they both worked on their beautiful white fireplace, which they painted and Justus made the custom mantle for it! Just wait until you see it; it’s a beautiful fireplace! We even had the chance to venture down towards the end of their street, to see the water and even watch a shipping container ship go by! (The true Norfolk experience!) It was windy and cold, but these twodid a wonderful job! Plus, we had the chance to go back to their home and warm up with some drinks by the fire.

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