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Diana Gordon Photography, Newport News, Wedding photographer, photoStorytelling through Art.

Movies. Design. Fashion. Photography. Books. There is common thread to all of these things-the maker designed her piece of art with intentionally. Every piece of art work is designed with purpose. And I believe photographing your wedding is a form of art.  As a bride and groom, you have a love story to share. Your story is told through words and formed into part of your blog post, but the beginning chapter of your marriage is your wedding day and that is told by photographs.

I document each like moment of your wedding day, from the smallest of details to the big moments that are carved into your memory forever. I am like an artist, a painter, or even an author, who sees each piece of your wedding day with intentionally. I can see in my mind, how the final art piece of your wedding day is going to look, through every little piece of your wedding day that I photograph. It’s like every click of my shutter is another brush stroke on a canvas or another paragraph in a book. I know at the end of the wedding, the picture will be complete and so will that chapter of your love story.

I also can see, how each photograph of your Big Day, might become part of your future family’s story. Your pearl necklace might become a family heirloom. Your toasting flutes might become the one item in your family that every future married coupe gets to use on their wedding day.

Your story is worth telling. It’s worth telling it and documenting it for generations to come.

Diana Gordon Photography, Newport News wedding ,photoDiana Gordon Photography, Newport News wedding ,photoDiana Gordon Photography, wedding photographer, photo


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