Wedding at The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Va | Amanda and Patrick Clark | Amanda and Patrick Clark |

Amanda and Patrick were married this past weekend at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. These two have been together for several years and now they are married!! These two adorable people met playing whiffle ball! How adorable is that! Patrick is a big sports fan and Amanda is a history buff so together they are power house couple and quite adorable!

Amanda wore a beautiful ivory dress, with diamond teardrop earrings and the perfect veil! She had her mom help her get ready and put together the finishing touches! And her sweet bridesmaids were by her side the entire day to encourage and support her as she became Mrs. Clark.

Patrick wore a classic black tux with the perfect boutonniere that read, “you are my happy ending”. His groomsmen also were black tuxedos and were so much fun!

Amanda and Patrick’s ceremony was filled with special moments from, her Uncle Christopher walking her down the aisle to Amanda handing her mom a rose at the end of the aisle. They said their “I Dos” and were off to celebrate and dance the night away!

Congrats to the newlyweds!


These earrings!


I love a beautiful pair of heels! This is her grandfather’s ring! I love family herilooms!!

Such a beautiful dress!!  Such a beautiful dress!!

These are such sweet moments between a bride and her mom!  These are such sweet moments between a bride and her mom!

She is so beautiful!   She is so beautiful!

Love it! This picture should be for a Men's Wearhouse ad!  Love it! This picture should be for a Men’s Wearhouse ad!

These girls are so sweet!  These girls are so sweet!

Agh! Love it!! That light!  Agh! Love it!! That light!

Such a sweet moment!   Such a sweet moment!

They are married!   They are married!

So romantic!   So romantic!

Love it!   Love it!

They have such good model faces!!  They have such good model faces!!

Love it!

I love the way he looks at her!

Such a beautiful venue!!

The NEW Mr. and Mrs. Clark!

The Clark family cousins had a “binding contract” to be in the family and they “swore” Amanda into the family! It was hilarious!

It was also Patrick’s parents wedding anniversary!

Last dance of the night!

Congrats to the Newlyweds!

Vendor Love:
Dress: Maya Couture
Groom Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Bridemaid Dresses: Vow to be Chic
Florist: Botanique
Ceremony Venue: New Life Providence Church
Reception Venue: Chrysler Museum of Art
Cake: Jaime’s Bake Shop
Catering: Cuisine & Company
Invitations Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Planner: Emily Weddings
DJ: Taylor Haycox

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