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Lion-Themed Nursery | Leland’s Nursery

We are still waiting on our little boy! (He is a few days late, right now). So, I figured I would go ahead and share some pictures of Leland’s nursery!

When we had Kylie, we decided on an elephant-themed nursery. Elephants are cute, strong, wise, and support their friends (herd) in times of need. And with Leland, we decided on a lion-themed room. Lions are strong, brave, courageous, regal, and well, they are cool looking. Plus, we liked the alliteration of Leland’s lion room!

Surprisingly, there isn’t much out there with just a lion-theme on it for baby boy’s room. Everything is safari or The Lion King related (granted, that’s a great movie, but that’s not what we wanted). We did what we could with the lion-theme and with the color orange. Our sweet friend, bought us these adorable prints for our nursery. The one below is actually signed by the artist and has  Leland’s name on it. If you own The Story Book Bible (if you don’t, go BUY IT!!!), the same artist who did the designs in the Bible did this piece of artwork. It is amazing!!

3I can not wait to take a picture of Kylie holding Leland!!!!! Blankets are ready! And we are just ready to hold him! Leland is named after my grandfather, who is pictured here with my grandmother! While I was trying to take pictures, Kylie had to come “help” me. And of course, the cat had to come “help” too! I love that Whiskey’s fur color matches the stuffed animal lion.

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