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The end of one Era and the beginning of another…| Personal


I have been thinking about this blog post for weeks now and I just haven’t taken the time to seriously think about the reality of what is happening.

Our June was crazy, guys. The last weekend of May we traveled and visited friends in North Carolina. The first two weekends of June I worked and we had two engagement sessions (Elizabeth and Guy and Chris and Alyssa). The third weekend we went out of town to visit our dear friends in Northern Virginia and we shot my college roommate’s maternity session and my other college roommate’s family. And the following weekend we went on vacation with Daniel’s family. And all I can say is that we are starting to become pros at driving distances with a toddler! We spent the entire month in-and-out of the car. If we weren’t driving somewhere, we were unpacking doing laundry and repacking, all while working. It was a LONG month. And vacation with a toddler isn’t always really a vacation.

We knew it was going to be a long month, but what we didn’t expect was for me to be offered a job in May and for our lives to flipped upside down.

For the last six years, I have been working at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, Virginia as a museum educator. And for the last six years, we have known that I wasn’t going to stay at the museum long term. Believe me, we were all surprised that I made it six years there. And it isn’t what you are thinking. The museum is quite a hidden gem. The staff there is amazing and very passionate about what they do. And like any job I had my good seasons and bad seasons there. I had a good job, the staff there turned into dear friends of mine (which made it really hard to leave!), but naval history was just never a passion for me. And I was driving at least an hour to work and another hour home. After 6 years of commuting and coming home at dinner time (which anyone with a small child knows is pretty much the most chaotic part of the day), we decided it was time for me to leave. And it was all in God’s timing.

For 6 years, we have been praying off and on for me to find another job. The first three years of our marriage, I was working 6-7 days straight and working 3 out of 4 weekends. I barely made it church or community events. It was a rough three years. The 4th year, I was able to switch to part-time which was a blessing for my business.

Every time I was over the hours of traffic, the weekends, or the long stretches of days, I would feel God telling me that I am supposed to be there. I was supposed to be the “light” there. I wasn’t happy about that! I can be a “light” anywhere.  I prayed. I applied to jobs. And I interviewed for jobs, but nothing ever happened.

And then Kylie came along. And I prayed more. I even applied to jobs while on maternity leave. I wanted to leave. It was heartbreaking to go back to work. Back to commuting and to being an hour away from our child. Again, I felt the Lord telling me that I was supposed to be there…again I was not happy.

Well, a few months ago I had a rough day at work. It was just one of those days, where as a mom you are at the end of your rope. We had an issue with our sitter at the time, I was rushing to work (on this particular day to Virginia Beach). I was just sick of the situation. Daniel and I have known for a long time that I needed to leave the museum but there was just never another option.  On that bad day, out of the blue, I received a message about an opening at Calvary Classical School. The principal of the school knew my credentials and had already had my resume on file from a previous position I applied for 4 years ago. The principal of the school had no idea what I was feeling that day or my heart. But God did. And well, the door finally opened. After 6 years, we knew that this was God wanted me to do.

I am no longer working for the museum and my last day was at the end of June (talk about a crazy month!). After wanting to leave for so long, it was heartbreaking to actually leave. That era of my life is over. I started there when I was fresh out of college and not yet married. Fast-forward 6 years and a lot has changed.

And this Fall a new change is coming. I will teaching Pre-K at Calvary Classical School. I will be able to be very close to home and work part-time! I will be able to have all my weekends off, holidays off, summers off, which is breath of fresh air after these last 6 years (FYI museums are open year around and are open around most holidays). I will be able to work for a few hours at the school and then home and be a mom and run my business. No more commuting. No more weekends. No more getting home at dinner time. No more worrying about being far away from Kylie. No more telling people I can’t help or serve because of work. No more worrying about planning shoots around my work schedule.

God works in mysterious ways (or even over the course of years!). This change will flip our family life upside down for the better. It is going to be extremely different for us, but we are excited! So, in the Fall be on the lookout for my “1st Day” of school picture! 🙂

*And since I have had some recent questions about it, Kylie will not be at the school with me. She is too young. And we did find another sitter for her in the Fall.

**And if you are wondering what I am up to right now…well I have been spending lots of time drinking reheated coffee and sitting on the floor playing with Kylie! (Make sure to follow my Instagram Stories to more of our personal life! Instagram: dianagordonphoto)





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