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Kylie Marie-18 Months Old | Personal

18 months have gone by, way to fast! I blinked and my sweet little girl is now a toddler. When Kylie was little I used to do monthly pictures of her in her room/rocking chair. Well, she moves to quickly for me to do that now (and she can stand up in the chair!). So, the other day I decided to do something different and document her playing. All of these pictures were taken within about a 30/45 minute time frame and as you can tell she is a busy girl!

At this stage, Kylie can do so many things! She loves to play outside. We actually play a few hours a day outside with blowing bubbles, swinging, and running. She is really active! In the mornings (like 6am), she is ready to go outside to play. I have to tell her to wait until the sun is fully awake! (baha!)

She also loves music. She now can sing along with a few songs, of course not all of the words are correct but she is definitely getting there. Her favorite song is Wheels on the Bus! I am singing all day long.

And the true fun part of this stage for us as parents is that she can respond and show affection! She now loves to hug and give kisses (well to us!). She verbally understands a lot of what we say to her and if she doesn’t understand she makes the cutest little face with wrinkled eyebrows. She can say a lot of different words and has put together 3 words (I love you). Her favorite words by far to say are: momma, dada, kitty, bubbles, milk, snack, and baby (she now loves her baby doll.) On a normal basis she is trying to say one more new word a day. And I know one day soon, she will be talking clearly.

She if you can’t tell she loves to eat! She isn’t too picky, but she definitely has her favorites including blueberries, cheese, and raisins. And she daily reminds us to hold hands to pray before we eat.

Enjoy Kylie in her natural habitat (with food on her face/shirt)playing in our backyard!

She can’t quite blow bubbles yet! But she sure loves to try! oh lordly! She loves our cell phones! We have to hide them from her! She loves to “talk” to Daddy during his lunch break. She also loves to tickle fight! She actually was sitting on top of me during this picture!Oh Whiskey the kitty! She is obsessed with our cat!  Milk covered face, of course!!!

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