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As a business owner you really need to be intentional with your time. All of us have 24 hours in a day (yes, even Beyoncé), and sometimes that’s still not enough. Being intentional with my time is a true struggle for me. I do work and I am a mom so my time is extremely valuable to me and I really don’t want to waste it.

Over the years, I have learned a few creative ways to be intentional with my business time and still have family time.

First part of being intentional with your time, is knowing your limits and boundaries. Let’s start with limits first. I have several physical limits. Personally, I know I can’t stay up past 11pm anymore. Once in a while I will stay up past 11pm and I know I will regret it in the morning. I know my physical limit. I need that sleep in order to function at work and as a mom. I know I can’t stay up late consecutive days in a row. I physically can’t handle it, like I used to. I also know my limit on screen time, there is a point where I can do longer look at a screen and need to walk away. I have physical limits to my work. I also have limits to the about of business work I can do in a day, due to my lifestyle. I work part-time and my schedule is not constant. I can’t do business things every day, all day. And I am a mom, which let’s be real, my time is not my own anymore. I have a limit of what I can do with Kylie during the day. I know I can work on items during nap and after she is in bed.

There are limitations in my schedule, but there are also boundaries in my schedule. I have business hours and I try to stick to them. I will no answer emails late at night. And I will not answer emails on Sundays or during family time.

Even though I have limitations and boundaries, I also have scheduled intentional time to work on my business. Since I have a long commute to work, listen to creative podcasts. I get a free education time; I just listen and think about the ideas being presented. I also have one night a week where I make sure I am sitting at my desk working. Daniel is studying for his Journeyman test (to be a licensed electrician), so now Tuesday nights are study/work nights. Every Tuesday night, after Kylie is in bed we go and study/work in our home office.

Our schedules and lifestyle are a little crazy at times, so I have learned to get very creative with my business hours. I encourage you set aside some intentional time for your business. Try listening to podcasts on your commute, get up early, stay up late, work during your lunch break or naptimes. Take at least one night a week to catch up on business items. In this field you have to be creative, even with your time.


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