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Last week I shared about a really simple solution to save you time and to be more productive. This week I am sharing another way you can save your time and be productive with your media accounts.

Schedule your social media posts! After I publish a blog post, I schedule it to be shared across different social media platforms all day. And I often schedule my Facebook posts and Instagram posts for a week. I know it is a like unauthentic of me to schedule posts ahead of time but I am mom, who works outside the home (part-time), and I run a business. I do not have the time to post, share, etc. all day long! *There are times that I will post or share without it being scheduled.

I schedule my posts so I can spend my time serving my clients. Instead of being on social media, I am answering emails, culling and editing, going over timelines, or going to shoots.

I personally use Hootsuite and Later to schedule all of my social media platforms, but there are other options such as CoSchedule or Buffer.

(If you want to look at multiple options here is an article breaking down 33 social media scheduling programs.)

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