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Spring time is here (and hopefully here to stay!) and that means it’s time for family portrait sessions! I have always enjoyed taking family portraits for people, but now that I am a parent I truly understand the importance. I understand the need to document everything! I want to look back and see pictures of my children growing up. I want to remember each photo session we have as a family and have all the memories of that year come flowing back to me.

Family portraits are becoming very near and dear to my heart. If you are on the fence about having a family session, here are my top 5 reasons why you should:

  1. You get to record your family’s growth. Each year your family grows, whether it’s adding more children to your family or the physical growth of your children. And as a parent you grow in more ways than you would have ever have imagined. Why not document your growth?!
  2. Memories. As a family, you want to document fun memories. We all know there are the melt-down moments, tears, and outbursts (which are a part of life), but as a parent you want to remember the fun times. You want to remember the different stages of joy, happiness, and laughter! You want to remember your children hugging each other and laughing uncontrollably!
  3. Frame-worthy moments. As parents we often take cell pictures of our families. If you are like me, you have hundreds of photos of your children on your phone, but most of them are not “frame-worthy”. They are low-quality pictures that usually end up staying on my phone. I don’t do anything with them. They are not “good” enough for frames on our walls, or to send to our extended families. Family portrait sessions give you the chance to have a few “frame-worthy” moments. Plus, who doesn’t love walking through their house and seeing pictures of their loved ones, especially their kids.
  4. When everyone is together. Daniel and I are blessed to have our parents and grandparents live fairly close to us, but that’s not always the case for everyone. If your family is in town, why not document that special time!
  5. A family day. Family portrait sessions can be a great way to celebrate your family and have fun. Plan a family day around your photo shoot and create more family memories. Go get doughnuts or ice cream after your shoot (or use it as a prize for good behavior) or go to a park and play afterwards. Have fun as a family! Those are the memories you want to remember and cherish!

These lovely ladies were celebrating 4 generations!!!

Grandparents and grandkids!

The celebration of being a family!

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  • Audrey MartinWhat a great idea to have it be a family day!


  • RuthAnn RafiqThis is such a great reminder for people on the fence about family photos. I completely agree with you! Lovely photos as well.


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