How I had 90% of my work published in my first few years of business | Ask Anything

I have been in business for about 2 1/2 years now, and 90% of my sessions have been featured. I learned very quickly that getting your work published is a lot of hard work, but I have made a list of 10 easy steps.

Follow these 10 simple steps and you will be on your way to getting 90% of your work published!

Simple Steps:

  1. Get a system. Use a sharing system to get your images to a publisher. I personally prefer Two Bright lights to upload and share with editors. Always check the editors preferred way of sharing images-should be located on their website.
  2. Choose wisely. Choose only your favorite images. Two Bright Lights will only allow you to upload a certain amount of images, so you need to choose only your best images.
  3. Adjectives. Create a great title-using adjectives. Labeling your shoot- engagement shoot, isn’t going to get anyone’s attention. Try using the location in the title to give the editors more information. For example: Intimidate Mathew’s County Beach Engagement shoot.
  4. Label. Label. Label. Label the vendors, colors, and locations. These little details are so easy to bypass or even forget to do. These details help the editors decide what season to publish it, if it fits their style, and gives credit where credit is due.
  5. Research. Every wedding blog and magazine is different and all of them have specifics on how to submit. Some blogs want the proposal story included, some want more details than portraits and some are only regional. They are all different. Always check and see what they are looking for before submitting. *Two Bright Lights allows you to view what editors are requesting and the ability to see the specifics involved for each publication.
  6. Ask. Some clients do not want their pictures or their story shared. Always double check with your clients and make sure it is okay for you to share.
  7. It’s all in the Details. Editors want the details. They want to know the story, so share it. I ask the “meeting story” and the “proposal story” at my engagement sessions. I have even had clients type up and email me their story, so I can share it for publications. Wedding details, especially DIY or family heirlooms should always be shared.
  8. Submit. You have your best images uploaded, with a catchy title, vendors are labeled and all the juicy details have been included, now it’s time to submit! Occasionally, I have had particular wedding blog in mind and have directly submitted to them. Other times, I have researched and viewed every single publication listed to see if my shoot would be a fit for them.
  9. Wait. You have just hit submit, and now you wait. Most publications will take days or weeks to get back to you. If it is a “big” name magazine it could take months. Be patient. You always have the option to resubmit the shoot to another publication, if needed.
  10. Share it. You have been published! Share it!!I always included my social media links after the juicy details. This allows vendors to tag you on all platforms. I always share the link and tag my clients to make sure they view it. Like, share, re-tweet, and follow that publication! They honored you with selecting your work, support them by sharing it.

Features include: Tidewater & Tulle, The Learned Bride, Melissa hearts Weddings, La Bella Africana, and more!

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  • Kari RiderCouldn’t agree more! Doing your research is definitely key so you can hopefully find the perfect match on the first try!


  • EmilyI especially liked tip #2 about choosing your images wisely. All too often I see blog posts with so many pictures I stop looking after one scroll. I just want to see the best few images, not every single photo you took!


  • Paulina Johnsonthank you for these!!! i totally forgot to mention colors! i will be submitting a ton of work in the next few weeks, here’s hoping!! =)


  • Cinnamon Wolfegreat tips, thanks for sharing!


  • Sonja JobsonGreat tips! I’m not even a photographer (I’m a writer), but this advice still applies in many ways 🙂


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